Te Oranga

 Te Oranga is Kingslea School’s Care and Protection learning facility in Burwood, Christchurch. We can accommodate up to 10 children from 8 – 17 years.

“Te Oranga”

To restore health and wellbeing


Our students learn through a wide range of educational experiences both on and off-site, including an Adventure-Based Learning program.  We have two classrooms with five young people in each and each student is nurtured and extended to enable them to experience success in a range of contexts.

The Te Oranga facility began in 1902 as a school for girls who were neglected, needy or delinquent. In 1965 it became Kingslea Girls Training Centre, and was the sole site of Kingslea School until 2005, when the site was renovated and reopened as Te Oranga.


Deputy Principal:

Gordie Palmer


027 6886 883

60 Horseshoe Lake Road,
Christchurch 8061



PO Box 68, Rolleston 7643