Papakura campus is Kingslea School’s community learning space in Tāmaki Makaurau.  We can accommodate up to 13 akonga


This community campus was established in January 2021 and relocated to Papakura in 2023 –  with the capacity for 13 students.

Students are eligible for placement through the Oranga Tamariki Tāmaki Makaurau Regional Placement and Resources referral process or through the High Needs Referral Hub,  with an overlay of education based on culturally responsive and trauma informed practice.

Teachers work with multi-agencies to understand the complex needs of the rangatahi and build trust and enjoyment through their learning so that mainstream education or other vocational pathways or placements can be explored.

Key Elements of Kingslea School
Kingslea School seeks to provide an education service that is therapeutic and trauma-informed, culturally responsive, holistic and multi-agency. It also has an engaging and responsive approach to teaching and learning.
The teaching and learning focus aims to provide students with opportunities to experience success, build resiliency, and to practise skills needed for their next educational setting. Assessment is used to identify learning needs and targeted learning programs are focused on addressing these. There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy so students will have further developed some of the core skills needed to succeed in their next setting. As appropriate, students work towards achieving literacy and numeracy NCEA credits.



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