Korowai Manaaki

Korowai Manaaki is our school site at the Youth Justice residence located in Manurewa, South Auckland and accommodates up to 40 students aged 14 to 17.


There are four residential units, each with a classroom for up to ten students. Education is delivered by two registered teachers in each classroom. Covering all curriculum areas from the New Zealand curriculum, the learning programme is tailored to meet the specific learning needs and interests of each young person. There is a specific focus on literacy, numeracy, gaining NCEA Level 1 & 2, vocational qualifications and health & wellbeing.

A young person may be in a Youth Justice residence because they may have been:

  • remanded by the Youth Court and need to stay at a residence until the case is settled (this can take up to three weeks or longer if the charges are denied)
  • sentenced by the Youth Court for three to six months. If things go well for them in the residence, they may be able to leave earlier and undertake six to twelve months supervision in the community

In addition to the 40 youth justice beds, Korowai Manaaki also provides up to six beds for young persons sentenced under the Criminal Justice Act who are transferred by agreement to Oranga Tamariki because they are considered at the time to be too vulnerable to be in the youth wing of a prison.


Deputy Principal:

Rachel Phelan


09 917 5474

027 302 4335

24 Kiwi Tamaki Road,
Wiri, Auckland 2104



PO Box 68, Rolleston 7643