These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

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  • Are you a real school?

  • Yes. Kingslea School is a multi-campus nationwide school delivering education to some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable children. We are a special, composite decile one, state school delivering education to children and young people within residential and non-residential care throughout New Zealand.

  • Are you alternative education?

  • No. Kingslea School is a mainstream school. Our homeroom teachers teach the core curriculum with a focus on literacy, numeracy and physical education.

  • Do you get school holidays?

  • Yes. Kingslea School operates four terms of the year like other mainstream schools, and our students have similar school holidays.

  • Where is your school based?

  • We have seven Kingslea School campuses throughout New Zealand; two in Auckland, one in Rotorua, three in Christchurch and one Dunedin.

  • How do kids get into your school?

  • All our students fit the Ministry of Education profile for priority learners and come to us for Care and Protection and/or Youth Justice related issues. Students at Arahina ki Ōtautahi in Christchurch are referred by their Oranga Tamariki social worker.

  • Do you employ fully registered teachers?

  • Yes, our teachers are fully registered.

  • Are you a state school?

  • Yes. Kingslea School is a New Zealand state school.

  • How are you funded?

  • We are funded through Operational funding from the Ministry of Education.

    We are also recipients of community funding and are fortunate to have the following organisations supporting us:

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